Sunday, 26 August 2018

Literary Book Gifts - Feature and Discount Code

These days there are so many lovely book-related items for we bookworms to buy and I am featuring one today. Literary Book Gifts has items such as t-shirts and totes relating to various authors, including Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and the Brontes, and the owner has offered a discount code for visitors to my blog.

Literary Book Gifts - Jane Austen Tote Bag
You could carry round your love of Jane Austen for all to see with this gorgeous tote bag.

Literary Book Gifts - Pride & Prejudice T-shirt
You could keep Pride & Prejudice close to your heart with a PnP tee.

Literary Book Gifts - Wuthering Heights T-shirt
Need suitable attire to run around on the moors seeking Cathy? There's a t-shirt for that too.

The full range of items can be found here:

If you'd like to have a discount, you can use the following code:


This can be used to give you 20% off anything in the store with no minimum purchase, and can be used unlimited times.

I hope you enjoy your items, if you choose to take advantage of the discount. Thank you so much to Melissa from Literary Book Gifts for offering us the code!


  1. Oh how cool! Thanks for sharing about it, Ceri!

  2. Thanks for sharing Ceri! I Love literary items :)))

  3. Such a great collection of goodies! Thanks for this, Ceri!

  4. Thanks everybody! I hope you enjoy your items, if you buy anything! I am sorely tempted by the JA tote bag myself :)