Friday 24 April 2020

Fortune and Felicity by Monica Fairview - Excerpt and Giveaway

Blog Tour - Fortune and Felicity by Monica Fairview
Today I’m pleased to be welcoming Monica Fairview back to the blog. Monica has joined us with her new book, Fortune and Felicity, which sees the former Miss Elizabeth Bennet seeking work as a governess. Let’s take a look at the blurb and then I’ll hand over to Monica for an excerpt of the book. She’s also offering a giveaway! Read on for more details!

Book Description

In this Pride & Prejudice variation, Elizabeth and Darcy have a second chance to get things right. Will they be able to come together this time, or will pride intervene yet again?

Seven years after Darcy’s disastrous proposal, Darcy is in need, not of a wife, but of a governess for his young daughter. Imagine his surprise when he discovers Elizabeth Bennet on the list of possible candidates provided by the employment agency. The question is, should he take her on as a governess, or would he be playing with fire?

Elizabeth Bennet is forced by her reduced circumstances to take on a position. However, when Mr. Darcy invites her for an interview, she is embarrassed and humiliated. How could she possibly live under the same roof as the man she had rejected so strongly seven years ago?

Whatever decision she makes, there will be a high price to pay… one way or the other.

Monday 13 April 2020

The Bennet Affair by Riana Everly - Guest Post, Excerpt and Giveaway!

Book cover: The Bennet Affair by Riana Everly
Today I’m happy to be welcoming author Riana Everly back to the blog with an excerpt from her new book The Bennet Affair. This book sounds very mysterious – there’s definitely something going on! First we will share the blurb with you and then I’ll hand over to Riana for a guest post regarding automata (early mechanical devices) in the 19th century, and an excerpt from The Bennet Affair. Riana has also brought a giveaway!

Book Description

A tale of secrets, sweethearts, and spies!

Elizabeth Bennet’s bedroom in the ancient tower of Longbourn has always been her private haven. So what are those footsteps and shuffling noises she’s now hearing from the room above her head? Drawn from her bed one dark summer night, her clandestine investigations land her in the middle of what looks like a gang of French spies!

William Darcy’s summer has been awful so far, especially after barely rescuing his sister from a most injudicious elopement. Then he is attacked and almost killed nearly at his own front door in one of the best parts of London. Luckily his saviour and new friend, Lord Stanton, has a grand suggestion—recuperate in the countryside and help uncover the workings of a ring of French spies, rumoured to be led by none other than country squire Thomas Bennet!

Drawn together as they work to uncover the truth about the Frenchmen hiding in their midst, Elizabeth and Darcy must use all their intellect as they are confronted with an ingenious code machine, a variety of clockwork devices, ancient secrets and very modern traitors to the Crown. And somewhere along the line, they just might lose their hearts and discover true love—assuming they survive what they learn in the Bennet affair.

The Bennet Affair is a full-length JAFF novel of about 112, 000 words.

* * *

Friday 3 April 2020

Mr Darcy's Clan by Lari Ann O'Dell - Blog Tour, Guest Post and Giveaway

Blog Tour: Mr Darcy's Clan by Lari Ann O'DellI’m pleased to be welcoming Lari Ann O’Dell to the blog for the first time, as the blog tour for Mr Darcy’s Clan stops here at Babblings of a Bookworm. This is a Pride & Prejudice-inspired story featuring vampires. So let’s take a look at the blurb and then we will hand over to Lari for her guest post and an excerpt of the story. There’s a giveaway too, so read on for more details!

Book Cover: Mr Darcy's Clan by Lari Ann O'Dell
Book Description

The upper echelon of English society—comprised of vampires, or Firstborn Sons—is a world Elizabeth Bennet has no desire to join. She has little exposure to Firstborn Sons until Mr. Bingley arrives in the neighborhood and falls in love with her sister Jane. His mysterious friend, Mr. Darcy, attracts Elizabeth’s attention, but she is convinced he is hiding a dark secret. In spite of this, powerful feelings draw her to him. She learns a shocking truth when Mr. Wickham appears, and disaster strikes at Netherfield. Forced into Mr. Darcy’s supernatural realm, a confusing new world of danger threatens their deepening love. How can they find eternal happiness when members of his illustrious clan are plotting her demise? Can Mr. Darcy rise beyond his past to save her or will he lose her for all eternity? 

Guest Post from Lari Ann O’Dell

I am excited to be here today at Babblings of a Bookworm. Today I have a fun post about “celebrity vampires” in the world of Mr. Darcy’s Clan, as well an excerpt featuring one of my favorite scenes in the book.
What do I mean by “celebrity vampires”? Well, exactly as the term implies. In this variation, the right to become a vampire is determined by wealth and status. A man must be a Firstborn Son of a prominent family. For women to become vampires, they must marry a Firstborn Son, though there are special exceptions for female heirs in the monarchy.
The excerpt I am sharing today of Darcy and Elizabeth sharing a peaceful moment in the library at Pemberley showcases an example of another Firstborn Son rule exclusion. The vampires of the greater Fitzwilliam Clan have many connections spanning the centuries, including ties to prominent vampires, some leading back directly to the monarchy. One of those connections is to William Shakespeare, the Bard himself.
In the excerpt, we learn about the fate of the Darcy relation, but what about the fate of William Shakespeare? I never included it in the story because it was not relevant, but I like to imagine that he stopped writing after his known plays and retired elsewhere in the country. Perhaps he frequented the Globe theater and heckled if one of his plays was not performed to his standards. Did he have an Eternal Partner? I don’t think so. His marriage to his wife, Anne Hathaway, preceded his vampire transformation, and I do not envision Shakespeare having a desire tie himself to one lady in particular for an eternity. Is he alive during the time of Mr. Darcy’s Clan? The short answer is no. I imagine he grew tired of immortality and chose to move on to the next great adventure: death.
As for other possible “celebrity vampires,” I am certain that Bloody Mary earned that moniker. I imagine her breaking the Dictates, her father’s laws for vampires, and slaughtering anyone who revered these new Firstborn Sons. Her reign was short, because she could not bear being forced to become a vampire and begged someone to put a stake through her heart once she realized that overturning her father’s reformation was futile.
I would like to believe that there were many English authors and artists that were given the chance to become immortal, but declined the offer. As to notable people in other countries, well, who is to say. Vampire laws outside of England were not as strict. One did not have to earn the right to be turned. From my perspective, the lives of notable people throughout history, monarchs included, remained relatively similar to actual history. If any of these people were vampires, after the year of their “death”, they retired and spent their eternities pursuing other interests and enjoying a sedentary  life.
So I pose an interesting question to all you lovely readers. If you could chose three noteworthy artists, authors, or even scientists who could have been a vampire, who would you select? For me, Jane Austen is the first person who comes to mind. Imagine how many more books she could have written had she not died so tragically young! And I too would choose Mary Shelly. I am certain she would have loved the idea of being a vampire. My final choice would be Tchaikovsky simply because of my love for Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.
And now, I present to you, the excerpt from Mr. Darcy’s Clan that features a reference to William Shakespeare, and the mysterious Darcy relation who was the inspiration for Viola from Twelfth Night. This discussion of famous relations leads to a tender moment and a heart-warming promise from Elizabeth to Darcy.
Book Cover: Mr Darcy's Clan by Lari Ann O'Dell
Excerpt from Mr Darcy’s Clan
Darcy found Elizabeth in the library later that day. She sat curled in one of the chairs beside the fire, with a book of sonnets in her lap. She glanced up when he entered, a bright smile crossing her features.
“Where have you been today, William? I thought we were going to walk to the lake.”

“I was making preparations for our trip to Rosings, with Richard. I wish we did not have to go. Lady Catherine’s company will be far more unpleasant than my father’s. Not to mention there is that ridiculous parson.”

Elizabeth laughed. “I will agree with you that spending time with my cousin is not my idea of pleasant, but I did promise Charlotte I would visit her. I suppose it shows Lady Catherine is considerate—at least where it concerns her rector and his wife.”

Darcy crossed the room to stand beside Elizabeth. He laid a hand on her shoulder and absently began to caress the delicate flesh at the base of her neck.

Elizabeth smiled up at him. “Whatever unpleasantness Rosings may have in store for us, we will endure it together.”

Darcy saw the wisdom of Elizabeth’s words, and knew there was nothing he could say to truly prepare her for meeting Lady Catherine. Instead, he glanced at the book she was holding.

“Are you fond of Shakespeare?”

“I would be a poor English lady if I were not,” Elizabeth said.

“Then I believe you might be interested in our collection of first editions.” He took her hand and brought her to the bookshelf between two windows.

Elizabeth gazed in awe at the collection of all Shakespeare’s works. She took one of the volumes in hand and saw it was signed by the Bard himself.

“How did you get these?” Elizabeth asked.

“William Shakespeare was given the honor of going through the Immortal Rite by Queen Elizabeth, after he delighted her with one of his plays. One of the many members of the Darcy Clan had the honor of being in Her Majesty’s retinue, procured these editions, and had them signed. It is my understanding this lady had a dalliance with him once, and that she was the inspiration for Viola.”

“You have a fascinating family history, William. It this muse still alive?”

“No. Her Eternal Partner set her aside and she was banished from his clan. She journeyed to France in the eighteenth century and did not return.”

“Poor lady. It would be a terrible fate to be abandoned by one’s Eternal Partner.”

“You need never worry about such a fate,” Darcy promised, wrapping his arm around her.

“Never say never, William,” Elizabeth said. “But I do believe I am far too stubborn to allow you to leave me without a fight.”

“I am happy to hear it, my love, as I would do the very same.”

“It is fortunate for us we have moved past the point of running from each other, is it not?”

The statement was rewarded with a kiss, and soon enough, everything else was forgotten.

* * *

Author Lari Ann O'Dell
Author Bio

Lari Ann O'Dell first discovered her love of Pride & Prejudice when she was eighteen. After reading a Pride & Prejudice variation she found in a closing sale at a bookstore, she said, "This is what I want to do." She published her first novel, Mr. Darcy’s Kiss, two years later.

Born and raised in Colorado, she attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and earned a bachelor's degree in History and Creative Writing. After graduating college, she wrote and published her second novel, Mr. Darcy’s Ship. Her third novel, Mr. Darcy’s Clan, is her first supernatural variation, and she is working on two more fantasy variations. She is now back at school and pursuing a degree in Nursing. She adores her two beautiful nephews, Hudson and Dean. She currently works at a middle school and writes whenever she can.

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Mr Darcy’s Clan is available to buy now in both ebook and paperback. It’s also available in Kindle Unlimited:

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Book Cover: Mr Darcy's Clan by Lari Ann O'Dell
Lari Ann O’Dell is giving away eight eBooks of Mr. Darcy’s Clan. The giveaway is international. Rafflecopter information is below.

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Blog Tour: Mr Darcy's Clan by Lari Ann O'Dell
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Blog Tour: Mr Darcy's Clan by Lari Ann O'Dell

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