Monday 7 November 2022

The Last House in Lambton by Grace Gibson - Blog Tour

Blog tour promo for The Last House in Lambton by Grace Gibson. Picture shows a young lady in period costume, with her back to the viewer. She is in a house, and appears to be looking through the hallway, perhaps at a new arrival
Today I’m really pleased to be welcoming Grace Gibson back to the blog with the first stop in the blog tour for her newest Pride & Prejudice variation, The Last House in Lambton.

Publishers Meryton Press are giving away an ebook on each stop of the blog tour so you will have the chance to win a copy of it too! Let’s look at the blurb and then I will hand over to Grace for a guest post about the book.

Book cover: The Last House in Lambton by Grace Gibson. Picture shows a period scene, of a village covered in snow. There are figures walking in the snow, a man, woman and child.
Book Description 

Does it ever stop raining in Lambton?


Darcy and Bingley depart Netherfield Park, leaving Elizabeth Bennet acutely aware of the monotony of her life. Seeking a reprieve, she volunteers to serve as temporary companion to Mrs. Gardiner’s elderly aunt who lives in Lambton. Nothing turns out as Elizabeth expects, and she is forced to dig deep into her reserves of common sense, humor, and stubborn persistence to prove herself equal to the dreary circumstances. 


Initially unaware that Pemberley is only five miles away, Elizabeth crosses paths with Darcy annoyingly often. When the gentleman rescues her from a shocking situation, Elizabeth faces some hard choices, at the same time struggling against the smoldering attraction that can neither be repressed nor fulfilled.


Mr. Darcy, meanwhile, in whose heart a fire has also been lit, is shocked by the lady’s stubborn refusal to accept his help. Alternating between alarm and begrudging admiration, he stands helplessly on the sidelines while she struggles to retain her independence. He, too, must make some hard choices in the end. Will he let her go?