Friday 11 August 2023

Cyanide and Sensibility by Katie Oliver - Cover Reveal

Cover reveal graphic - picture shows a rosette saying 'cover reveal' in front of a full bookcase
Today I’m taking part in a cover reveal book blast for the next book in Katie Oliver’s Jane Austen Tea Society Mystery series. It’s called Cyanide and Sensibility. Let’s look at the blurb first.

Book Description

Murder is on the menu and Phaedra Brighton is called on to serve up justice in the latest Jane Austen Tea Society Mystery.

While Phaedra Brighton might not have a Mr. Darcy (yet), she's quite content with her loving family and loyal cat. Phaedra's sister Hannah is the Jane to her Elizabeth, and Phaedra is ecstatic that Hannah has decided to move home for her next adventure—opening a business. 

All of Laurel Springs is out in full force to celebrate the grand unveiling of Hannah's new patisserie, Tout de Sweet, including local celebrity Rachel Brandon. Hannah is a master of her craft, with confections so divine, one bite will make you think you've died and gone to heaven.

Of course, you never want that to happen literally. 

When one of Hannah's famous dark chocolate cupcakes sends Rachel's assistant to the hospital with poisoning, Hannah begs for Phaedra's help to save her reputation and budding business. But Phaedra has more questions than answers: Who was the cupcake actually meant for? And how far is the culprit willing to go to take their target off the menu—permanently?

* * *

Saturday 5 August 2023

Loving Miss Tilney by Heather Moll - Excerpt and Giveaway

Today Heather Moll is dropping by with an excerpt from her new Austenesque novel. I am always especially pleased when an Austenesque book isn’t Pride & Prejudice-inspired, as although that’s my favourite Austen book, most JAFF is based on P&P so it makes a nice change to have one that comes from another story. As you may well have guessed from the title, Loving Miss Tilney has its roots in Northanger Abbey.

I’ve been lucky enough to read this book already, and I’ll share my review with you in the next few days.

Let’s look at the blurb and then I’ll hand over to Heather Moll for an excerpt of the book. Heather has also brought a worldwide giveaway with her!

Book cover: Loving Miss Tilney by Heather Moll - cover shows a blonde haired young lady in Regency dress in an embrace with a young man, whose face is not visible to the viewer. She is looking down and to the side as if she is about to pull away from the embrace
Book Description

She’s forbidden to wed a nobody. He’s nothing in society’s eyes. Will their desperate schemes backfire before they find a way to be together?

Northanger Abbey. Eleanor Tilney can’t bear her lonely life any longer. Distraught when her tyrannical father throws her friend out of the house because the girl lacks an inheritance, the long-suffering general’s daughter decides anything is better than a future all alone. So in a frantic bid for freedom, she puts aside her tender feelings for a man of no standing to pursue a wealthy husband.

Philip Brampton understands that fortune is against him. And he tries gallantly to bury his distress and support his lonely beloved, even after she starts pursuing an arrogant buffoon. But when he catches the fellow about to kiss her, their resulting harsh words cause a heartbreaking rift.

Stiffening her spine in a world that refuses to acknowledge her value, Eleanor attempts to navigate the impossible situation without quashing her desires. And though his shy nature abhors a scene, Philip braces himself for a confrontation with her cruel and abusive patriarch.

Do these childhood sweethearts have any hope of achieving lasting happiness?