Saturday 29 July 2023

Spells and Shadows by Victoria Kincaid - Excerpt and Giveaway

I’m really pleased to be welcoming Victoria Kincaid to Babblings of a Bookworm today with her latest Pride & Prejudice variation, Spells and Shadows, which has a magical element.

Victoria has joined us with an excerpt of the book and an ebook giveaway. Read on for more details!

Book cover: Spells and Shadows - A Pride & Prejudice variation by Victoria Kincaid. Picture shows a young man and woman in Regency attire. They are in a creepy forest, with silhouettes of leafless trees. Both of them are holding what looks like a conjured ball of light
Book Description 

Spells and Shadows, A Fantasy Pride and Prejudice Variation

As a secret agent for the Mages’ Council, Mr. Darcy investigates a necromancer who is leading his followers down a dark path. When they discover him, a fight and a chase drive Darcy—injured and close to death—into the river. He is rescued and healed by Elizabeth, a talented mage at the Longbourn estate. Darcy cannot help developing feelings for her, but he dares not reveal his true identity while the necromancer’s creatures search for him.

Elizabeth Bennet is intrigued by the family’s new guest as he recovers at Longbourn. But mystery surrounds the man, and strange happenings plague the neighborhood while he visits. Elizabeth herself harbors a secret that she cannot share with the handsome stranger.

When Darcy’s enemies come calling, the Bennet family is caught in the crossfire. Worse, Elizabeth’s magic draws the necromancer’s particular interest. Darcy is falling in love with her and believes she returns his feelings, but the secret of his true identity could destroy their budding relationship—if they survive the upcoming danger.

Can Elizabeth and Darcy protect themselves and their families from the necromancer’s plots? What will happen when learn each other’s secrets? Can Elizabeth and Darcy’s love survive when it is entangled in a web of secrets, spells, and shadows?

Friday 14 July 2023

Doubt Not, Cousin by Barry S Richman - Blog Tour, Excerpt and Giveaway

Blog Tour Promo Graphic: Doubt Not, Cousin by Barry Richman
Today I’m happy to be welcoming a new visitor to the blog as the blog tour for Barry S. Richman’s book, Doubt Not, Cousin drops by. This is a Pride & Prejudice variation. Let’s look at the blurb, after which I can share a very romantic excerpt and ebook giveaway with you, courtesy of Meryton Press.

Book cover: Doubt Not, Cousin by Barry RichmanBook Description

Darkness, in many forms, must be conquered to emerge into the light and embrace one’s happily ever after.

Fitzwilliam Darcy. Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam.
Two cousins, closer than brothers.
One finds love despite his inner demons; the other resists love because of them.

Elizabeth Bennet. Kitty Bennet.
Two sisters, strengthened by adversity.
One willingly yields to love; the other pridefully misinterprets it. 

An epic saga steeped in intrigue and gift-wrapped in romance, Doubt Not, Cousin chronicles the trials and tribulations of three extraordinary families during England’s Regency era. 

… But who is the girl with the violet eyes?

Saturday 8 July 2023

A Far Better Prospect by MJ Stratton - Except and Giveaway

MJ Stratton is visiting the blog today with a book which focuses on one of Jane Austen’s secondary characters; Mrs Hurst, formerly Miss Louisa Bingley, sister of Charles Bingley from Pride & Prejudice

We don’t see a huge amount of Mrs Hurst in P&P, and what we see isn’t necessarily to her advantage, although we have met her through the eyes of an unreliable narrator, so there is scope for her to be different to our perception. This is the heroine of A Far Better Prospect. Let’s look at the blurb and then I will hand over to M  Stratton for an except from the book and a giveaway opportunity.

Book cover: A Far Better Prospect by MJ Stratton - picture shows a woman in regency dress walking through a flower garden
Book Description 

Louisa Bingley had never defied her mother in her life, until she found something she wished to fight for. In love with a man with close ties to trade, Louisa refuses to give him up when her mother demands it.

But Mrs. Bingley is not to be reckoned with and through despicable means manages to force her daughter into a much more ‘appropriate’ marriage to a gentleman named Mr. Hurst.

Married to a man she does not love, the newly wed Louisa Hurst must learn to navigate her husband's expectations and demands while still holding on to the threads of herself. Through all of this she must also survive the malice of her younger sister Caroline, a responsibility thrust most unwillingly upon her.

Convinced contentment in life is all that she can expect, Louisa finds herself quite unexpectedly free to pursue her own happiness. But does she dare take the chance at allowing herself to feel again?

Along with Jane and Lizzy and all our favorites, Louisa Hurst gets her own happy ending in this Pride and Prejudice Vagary.