Monday 2 June 2014

Frigid by J Lynn

I quite enjoy a bit of new adult (I know, I’m on the old side to be a ‘new’ adult!), and J Lynn, who also writes as Jennifer L Armentrout has great reviews so I thought I’d give one of her stories a try. Frigid is about two friends, Kyler and Sydney. They are a somewhat mismatched set of friends but they’ve been best buddies for years.

‘Actually, we went together like a lion and a gimpy gazelle that had no chance of outrunning the predator. I was the gimpy gazelle.’

When they met Kyler was a boy from a trailer park and Sydney was the sweet little girl who befriended him. Over the years Kyler’s family succeeded in their business and are now very wealthy but in his head he is still trash and she is still too good for him.

‘Sydney Bell had always been, and would always be, a few pedestals too high for me.’

Kyler is a bit of a man whore, never having relationships but a succession of one night stands. Sydney on the other hand is very inexperienced. She had one boyfriend a few years ago, who labelled her ‘frigid’, which she found very hurtful. All potential boyfriends since then have been chased off by Kyler, who is insanely protective over her. Of course, it doesn’t help her romantic life that she’s been in love with him for years.

‘No one could replace me in his life. I knew that. I was the friend who knew everything about him and whom he trusted and whom he trusted above everyone else. 
I was Kyler’s best friend.
And because of that, he would never love me the way I loved him.’

Every year Kyler has a group of friends over to his mum’s ski lodge for some skiing. This year, Kyler and Sydney will be driving together, and their friends will follow. However, the mother of all storms hits, leaving them stranded together, unable to leave, with a lot of misunderstanding and mutual attraction between them. To add to the tension, somebody is carrying out some attacks on the property and they are not sure who or why.

I found this to be some very easy reading, and I gobbled it up in just a few hours.  I always enjoy the friends secretly in love trope, I’m not attractive enough for him/She deserves better scenario, and I enjoyed this. Sydney is a funny girl, a real over-thinker, a quality I can identify with. Kyler was generally a bit selfish and thoughtless but he genuinely cared for Sydney which was nice. If you prefer to avoid sex scenes you probably wouldn’t be reading New Adult genre, but just to warn you there are several.

The downside of this book for me was the attacks; I didn’t feel either of them, particularly Sydney, took the attacks on them very seriously which didn’t make sense to me as they could have led to serious injury. Some of the actions that Sydney took once she knew there was danger present reminded me of one of those horror films where the TSTL (Too Stupid To Live) girl makes decisions that are devoid of all sense. For me, this would have been a better book without this aspect to the story as it didn’t add the tension that it could have if the characters had reacted to it differently, so it just got in the way.

However, this was a nice easy read, and the next time I’m in a reading slump I’d definitely consider reading another J Lynn book.


  1. Ceri, my June reading is out of control and after seeing you had posted this I picked it up and started reading and I hadn't even read your review lol! I will let you know what I think. Now the Lux series I have just finished book 4 by Jennifer and I have really enjoyed it so annoyed when I realised there is a fifth not out till Aug!!!!!! Secondly could only get two on kindle as the others aren't available on kindle. Not sure if it is because she is realising them again but 2 in 1 so 1&2 & 3&4 together its young adult but surprisingly good and the girl in it is a book blogger so I could relate. So funny because things keep getting in the way of her blogging not to mention her laptop gets fried. :)

    1. I found it really readable. I have Lux on my TBR, goodness knows when I'll get to it, although knowing you enjoyed it makes me more keen to read. Your comment re. the book blogger made me smile though, I can just imagine reading a book where the bloggers kindle gets bathed by a small child, like you blogged about the other day!

    2. Hello, i'm back. As you know six hours non-stop now considering you gave it three stars you may ask yourself why, I certainly did when I couldn't hold a coherent conversation the next day! It was because I wanted to know the outcome I knew who it was from the beginning I am sure you will agree it was obvious, but I wanted to know how it would turn out for them. Loved the Christmas present from his mum and the tattoo thing. I also liked the bit in the bar at the start when she was sitting in his lap, I really got a sense of how that must have felt, I need to stay away from these books if i'm going to achieve my review targets for the month. (so not going to happen lol)

    3. I liked the tattoo as well, and that their families had obviously been hoping for it to happen. I enjoyed this book but I thought the danger thing was something and nothing - it could have been made really exciting and menacing, but instead it was a bit cliche for me, it reminded me of Scream or Scary movie, where the gorgeous teen does things which make you ask yourself why!


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