Sunday 1 February 2015

Planned Reading for February 2015

Well I had a month of mixed fortunes in January. In reading terms I did really well, reading all my planned reads with the exception of 'Alone with Mr Darcy' by Abigail Reynolds, which had its publishing date pushed back  - last I heard it'll be coming out in February now. I haven't shared all my reviews with you yet because of my bad fortune in January. I tripped over playing netball, landed awkwardly on my knee and dislocated and fractured my hip! It needed surgery and I stayed in hospital for a week. I'm home now, armed with crutches and painkillers and have to do some healing. The only fortunate thing for me is that although I like doing things which involve moving, my absolute favourite pastime is reading, and I'm still able to do that. So, what do I have planned for February?

Book Cover - Henry Tilney's Diary by Amanda Grange
In January I read 'Northanger Abbey' by Jane Austen, so I thought for my non P&P Austenesque read I'd try 'Henry Tilney's Diary' by Amanda Grange to see a different point of view of the same story.

Book Cover - The Darcy Brothers by various Austen Variations Authors
For a P&P inspired read I am lucky enough to have 'The Darcy Brothers' to read, for Leatherbound Reviews. This book is a variation of 'Pride & Prejudice' where there is another Darcy sibling, a brother in between Mr Darcy and Georgiana. It was published on the Austen Variations site last year and is now doing a tour as it is going to be available to purchase. My review should be up on Jakki's site on 9 February.

Book cover - The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen
I'm also taking part in a blog tour for Julie Klassen's 'The Secret of Pembrooke Park'. This book has great reviews and sounds a little gothic, having been inspired by 'Northanger Abbey', amongst other things. The Foster family go to live in a manor house that hasn't been lived in for 18 years and secrets and intrigue abound! I've heard wonderful things about this book, hopefully I'll really enjoy it.

Book Cover - Green Card by Elizabeth Adams
For a contemporary read, I also have 'Green Card' by Elizabeth Adams to read. Ms Adams has written an Austenesque book that I haven't managed to get to yet, 'The Houseguest'. 'Green Card' isn't Austenesque though, but a contemporary romance featuring a marriage for the purpose of obtaining a visa to stay in the country, or 'green card'. I sense the approach of one of my favourite tropes, marriage of convenience, hurrah!

Due to my injury I am currently spending a lot of time sitting down so if I have time I might take on a long read. I have a book that I read on the 'A Happy Assembly' fanfiction website when it was being posted, and I thought I'd read the published version. It's called 'The Darcy Madness' by S J Nixon. This is a 'Pride & Prejudice' variation and the variation is quite out there. The Darcy family has a terrible curse that passes from father to son. Mr Darcy has decided to never marry so the curse will die out but through no fault of his own he is put in a situation which obliges him to marry the very tempting Miss Elizabeth Bennet. This is a very unusual variation featuring supernatural elements, violence, and sex scenes, so be warned that it has all this if you fancy trying it too!

Hopefully I'll fit in some other reading as well. What do you have planned?


  1. Hope you feel better, Ceri! :) Good thing that books can help you "forget" the pain!
    Your planned reads sound great! Klassen's book is wonderful, but I'm very curious about The Darcy Brothers and Green Card. The latter seems lovely! Happy reading!

    1. Hi Maria, I'm looking forward to all these reads, I hope they live up to my expectations :) Do you have anything nice lined up to read?

    2. After I finish my current read, Here to Stay by Melissa Tagg, I plan to read Letters from the Heart and The Muse. Hope I can get to them both before the end of February!

    3. I haven't read anything by Melissa Tagg, I'll have to check her books out. The next review I'm going to post here is 'The Muse', I read it when I was in hospital.

  2. Ceri, it's good to see that your injury hasn't slowed you down...much. I am reading The Darcy Brothers. It went straight to the top of my pile. I look forward to your reviews to see if I will be picking up the others. Good choices.

    1. Thank you Joy! I've finished 'The Darcy Brothers' now and I'm about to start working on my review. I hope you enjoy reading it.


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