Sunday 1 March 2015

Planned Reading for March 2015

Well February wasn't a great month in reading terms. Although I'm still stuck mostly in a chair, it's somehow not conducive to reading! This sounds odd, but it turns out I really lounge about when I read and now I must sit all tidily and primly so I have some catching up to do as I didn't get all my February reads done. I don't suppose that it helps that I feel a bit guilty about reading as I'm doing so little, which I know is silly as I'm doing what I can, though it's not much! I am also not able to sit in my favourite reading places as they are, respectively, too low and too upstairs :) As the month went on I got better at reading in the chair though, so hopefully I can play catch up with the February books I haven't got to so far. I have some other reads planned for March too...

Book Cover: Emma and Elizabeth by Ann Mychal
For my non-Pride & Prejudice-inspired read I hope to read Ann Mychal's 'Emma & Elizabeth', which is a continuation of Austen's unfinished work, 'The Watsons'. I read 'The Watsons' last year and it had definite potential to be interesting. We have some idea how Austen intended for the story to end but I understand the author here has gone another way with it. I have heard lots of good things about this book. I actually planned to read this last year, but I didn't get to it.

Book Cover: The Husband Maker by Karey White
For my contemporary read I plan to read 'The Husband Maker' by Karey White. This is a story about a woman called Charlotte who gets a reputation as a 'husband maker' when it appears that every man she dates goes on to marry the next woman he dates after her. This time she's hopeful that things will be different.

Book Cover: A Peculiar Connection by Jan Hahn
For my historical read I plan to read 'A Peculiar Connection' by Jan Hahn. This is going on a blog tour beginning right at the end of March and I will be posting my review as part of that. The words of this title might ring a bell with you. In 'Pride & Prejudice', when Lady Catherine goes to see Elizabeth at Longbourn, Lady C refers to the engagement between Anne de Bourgh and Mr Darcy as being 'of a peculiar kind'. Here, the variation is that Lady Catherine divulges something to Elizabeth that stops the wedding going ahead. I have no idea what it is, but I am looking forward to finding out!

What do you have planned to read this month?


  1. Great list! I think you'll love Emma and Elizabeth and Jan Hahn's book too. I haven't read this one, but I love her style. And Ann Mychal's book is just exquisite!!!

    1. Hi Joana! It was due to your recommendation that I bumped 'Emma & Elizabeth' back up my TBR! Exquisite is just what I like to hear :)

      I have a few Jan Hahn books on my kindle but the only one of hers that I've read so far is 'The Arranged Marriage', which is one I find myself periodically re-reading, so I hope I enjoy this new one just as much. It has a very intriguing blurb, I really want to know what Lady C said!

    2. I love The Arranged Marriage, it's one of my frequent re-reads too :)
      Hope you'll like E&E, personally I felt it's got the full 'Austen voice'.

  2. I own Emma and Elizabeth too and I am very eager to get to it, but I need to read The Watsons first! Look forward to your thoughts! :) And I have yet to read a Jan Hahn book!! Shocking, I know... As for my plans, I will read Green Card by Elizabeth Adams as soon as I finish my current book (Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot). After that I'm not sure, I'd love to join in a group read on Goodreads :) Happy reading, Ceri!

    1. Hi Maria! It's such a shame that Jane Austen didn't finish 'The Watsons' but the only bright side is that the fact it isn't finished makes it a quick read! It has a lovely scene in it, between an adult and a child, which is rare in Austen, there are sometimes children in a scene but they don't get to do much.


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