Thursday 1 September 2016

Planned Reading for September 2016

How? How can it be true? It's September already? Who stole August?! I was super busy in August and I didn't read much at all. I am so far behind on my reading! If I read about 14 books this month I can catch up, so that isn't going to happen anytime soon! Despite my lack of reading, August was actually a pretty good month for me in other respects; we were decorating the children's bedrooms. I hate the stress and upheaval of decorating, but they are both really happy with the result, which was the object of the exercise. They are back in school next week so maybe life will come back on kilter and I will get a chance to catch up a little.

I love September, it's probably my favourite month of the year, as the weather in the UK is usually pretty lovely, the leaves on the trees begin to change colour and it's my birthday, which always makes you like a month. I am not expecting any booky goodness for my birthday though, as due to my struggles for reading time I have a booky goodness surplus to work through :)

So, rather than tell you what I plan to catch up on reading, instead I will tell you about some of the lovely visitors I have planned in for September, all of whom have new books out!

Book cover: Particular Intentions by L L Diamond
L L Diamond is celebrating the release of 'Particular Intentions'. This is a 'Pride & Prejudice' variation which has an unexpected visitor come to Netherfield early on. I have a wonderful vignette to share with you featuring Mr Bennet taking his youngest daughter in hand.

Book covers: Dearest Friends and Family Portraits by Pamela Lynne
I also have Pamela Lynne dropping by with an excerpt of her new book, 'Family Portraits'. This is a sequel to one of Pamela's previous books, 'Dearest Friends', which is a 'Pride & Prejudice' variation.

Author Regina Jeffers
Late on in the month, I have Regina Jeffers dropping by with news of her new book 'Mr Darcy's Present'. I don't know much about this book yet, but I think it may have a Christmas theme.

And this is not all I hope to bring you! It would be lovely if you could drop in to enjoy these posts from my visitors. I hope you have a wonderful September, and enjoy some good reading this month :)


  1. Good morning, Ceri. Mr. Darcy's Present does truly have a "holiday" theme. Are you ready for Christmas with our favorite couple?

  2. Looking forward to all the visitors.

  3. Can't wait for the read more from the visitors!

  4. Ceri-life has a habit is slowly but surely returning to normal in Sept!
    I'm back to work and for some strange reason can't focus my mind on any reading..I just can't concentrate.
    Hope you have a great month!
    Happy birthday!!!
    So looking forward to reading your reviews,interviews etc based on these three books. They sound wonderful!

  5. Yes, decorating can be so draining, but in the end, I'm glad they love it so it was worth it for you.

    Oh yay, the birthday month. September is still warm and humid here, but it does generally taper off after hot August so I love it, too.

    Hopefully you'll get to read some good ones this month. Your line-up of guests looks wonderful. I'll definitely stop back in.

  6. Yes, August has been super busy for and and no sign of letting up anytime soon! I love your guest list and can't wait to read all about their new books! I hope to get Leslie's book soon and will have to re-read Pamela's which I loved before reading her sequel to it. Anything form Regina is a delight and looking forward to that!

  7. Great line up. Where does time go....pointless, really to ask. Retirement is not any less busy. Just a different focus but the TBR pile is no shorter for some reason.


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