Tuesday 18 October 2016

Winner - Mr Darcy's Present by Regina Jeffers

Book cover: Mr Darcy's Present by Regina Jeffers
A little while ago Regina Jeffers joined me with an excerpt of her new Christmas-themed book, 'Mr Darcy's Present' and a post about how Christmas used to be celebrated. You can see the post here. Regina was kindly giving away an e-book of 'Mr Darcy's Present' to two commenters on her guest post. The winners, selected at random, were:

Becky C



Congratulations to you both! I will be in touch. Thank you to Regina for the guest post and giveaway. I am so sorry for the delay in choosing a winner, I have been unwell and have been spending a lot of time flaked out on a sofa :(


  1. Thank you Regina! Thank you Ceri! So excited to win! Congratulations Bookluver as well!

  2. BeckyC avd Bookluver88 congrats to you both!!

  3. Thanks for being a part of my release of "Mr. Darcy's Present." As always, I appreciate your continued support.

    1. Thank you for visiting the blog and providing such an interesting guest post and giveaway! It was a real honour to host you, Regina :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Bookluver, it took a long time for my cold to go, but it finally seems to be a thing of the past!

  5. Thank you everybody, for your comments.


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