Thursday 1 December 2016

Planned Reading for December 2016

Well hello-ho-ho to you all! This year has flown by, and now it's December! Apologies to those of you who don't celebrate Christmas for the theme of this post. I am somewhat of a fan of the festive season once I'm organised and I'm in the throes of that at the moment.

Assembly Rooms at Bath
Assembly Rooms at Bath
As part of my Christmas prep I am off to Bath this weekend. I am not looking for Captain Wentworth wielding his umbrella or visiting any of the Austen attractions in Bath this time, unfortunately. Bath is a popular destination for a bit of Christmas shopping for people who live in my neck of the woods. I don't think I need much though I'm looking forward to seeing if there are any delights in the Christmas market that they have each year. If I end up with any nice photos that you might be interested in I'll share them with you :)

I don't have much planned for this month as it's likely that I'll be pretty busy with other things, however, I'd like to try and squeeze in some festive reading, or even catch up on some reads I failed to get to earlier in the year. I really need to win the lottery at some point if I am ever going to really make inroads into my TBR list!

Book Cover: A Very Darcy Christmas by Victoria KincaidI have some visitors stopping by this month. Firstly, I'll be welcoming Victoria Kincaid, who has a new Christmas-themed book out, 'A Very Darcy Christmas', which seems like a fun book looking at the Darcys' first Christmas as a married couple.

Book cover: The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill by Julie Klassen
Later in the month the blog tour for Julie Klassen's new book, 'The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill' will be stopping by. This sounds like an intriguing read, with a genteel lady having to team up with her less genteel mother in law to take over the running of an inn.

What do you have planned for this month? Do you have any good reading lined up or will you be too busy with your festive events and traditions? I will be wrapping Christmas presents while having my annual watch of 'It's a Wonderful Life' and we'll be making a very poorly decorated gingerbread house, amongst other things!


  1. Have a wonderful time in Bath and a lovely Christmas and enjoy the books, I heard they're both great!

  2. A Christmas Market would definitely help get one in the mood for the season. I tend to slip into the mood a step at a time, but I do eventually get there. ;)

    Oh, fun visits this month. I just read The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill for the tour and it's another good one by Julie. Hope to catch up on a few other holiday reads, too.

    Enjoy your December, Ceri!

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  4. Have a great time in Bath, Ceri. Don't spend too much!

    I've had a sneak peak of Victoria Kincaid's book and I think you'll definitely enjoy it.

    I'm hoping to finish reading three books I have on the go right now: Villa Fortuna, Darcy's Hope: Beauty From Ashes, and An Obstinate Headstrong Girl. There's also two beta projects that I'm working on with two of our JAFF authors which I'm sure everyone will like very much indeed.

  5. Yes, do enjoy yourself. I have read Joana's and have read excerpts about the other two...will put them on my TBR list and hope to at least get the Christmas one in this month. Happy Christmas, Everyone.

  6. Ceri,hope your shopping expedition to Bsth went well and that you're not penniless as a result!

    Victoria's book sounds great!
    I've already had the pleasure of reading Joana's tale,so I think I'll delve into Cat Gardiner's Villa Fortuna and A Moment Forever. I'd really love to get those two books read.

    Happy holidays,Ceri,and to all of your readers.


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