Friday 3 March 2017

Holidays with Jane - Will You Be Mine? - Winner

Book cover: Holidays with Jane - Will You Be Mine?
Recently we were joined by Jessica Grey, one of the contributing authors to the Valentine's Day-themed 'Holidays with Jane - Will You Be Mine?'. Jessica had come here to post about the struggles of making Valentine's Day boxes for two classes of children and adapting 'Sense & Sensibility' for the latest book. You can read Jessica's post here, as well as an excerpt of the book. Jessica was kindly giving away an e-book of 'Holidays with Jane' to two commenters on the guest post. I chose the winners using a random function on Excel, and they are:

Maria & Anji

Ladies, I will be in touch. Congratulations! Thank you to everybody who dropped by to enjoy the guest post and commented and of course huge thanks go to Jessica Grey for the guest post. Remember, if you'd like to read any of the 'Holidays with Jane' series, they are all available to buy on Amazon, and I've noticed that this particular title has been reduced, at least on Amazon UK, so this might be a good time to snaffle it up if you're planning to read it.

Buy links: Amazon USAmazon UK


  1. Woohoo! Look forward to reading it! :D

  2. Just sent you an email Ceri

  3. Lovely bookcase. No chance of keeping furry visitors away as even with full bookshelves they will perch precariously along the edge :-)
    Have read the JEA Leigh Family letters book and loved it. Am at present reading a very amusing book of short essays by Maggie Lane entitled On the Sofa With Jane Austen. These twenty odd short essays first appeared in issues of Jane Austen's Regency World magazine.
    Examples such as the title essay which deals with the significance of sofas in Jane's novels and also mentions sofas in her own life, The Silence of Mr Perry about the apothecary in Emma who is ever present throughout the story due to the many ailments of the residents of Highbury, but never actually speaks himself, and the chapter on November which highlights how many interesting and significant events occur during November in her novels, is both highly entertaining and also shows an author who knows and loves the novels deeply.


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