Wednesday 26 July 2017

Miss Darcy's Beaux by Eliza Shearer - Giveaway Winner

Book cover: Miss Darcy's Beaux by Eliza Shearer
Apologies for my lateness in posting this. Recently Eliza Shearer visited the blog with a guest post and excerpt of her debut novel, 'Miss Darcy's Beaux'. Eliza was also giving away an ebook of the book. I assigned each of the comments a number and used the random number generator on Google to pick a winner, who was....

Deborah Ann

Congratulations to you, Debbie! I will be in touch.

Huge thanks to Eliza for the guest post, and to everybody who commented. For those of you who missed out, there is a Goodreads giveway for a print version of the book which is open to many countries.


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