Monday, 20 November 2017

Interview with a Janeite at Austen Variations

Austen Variations

I don't know if you saw it, but this month's Interview with a Janeite at the Austen Variations site features... me! I am very honoured to feature on their site, as many of my favourite JAFF authors are part of the Austen Variations group.

Author Caitlin Williams
I also got to pose some questions of my own, to Caitlin Williams, author of Ardently, The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet and When We Are Married. Caitlin is offering a giveaway of a paperback of Ardently to a commenter on the post over at Austen Variations.

Book cover: Ardently by Caitlin Williams
Please pop over to learn more about me, read the answers to my questions for Caitlin and perhaps win a paperback of Ardently. You can read the post here.


  1. A very interesting chat,Ceri. I certainly enjoyed it!!

  2. That was a great dual interview. :)

  3. The interview of you was so interesting, but I believe that you really turned the table on Caitlin. I have read her previous books but not Ardently. Your blog is always informative so thank you.

    1. Thanks Eva. I was so pleased with the answers Caitlin gave, because I thought they were so interesting!

  4. Loved the interview of both of you!