Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Victoria Kincaid - Giveaway Winners

Recently we have been very spoiled by Victoria Kincaid. Firstly she came by with an audio giveaway of Mr Darcy to the Rescue and then with a post about her new book, The Unforgettable Mr Darcy, which sounds very exciting, involving travelling to France, Napoleonic spies and amnesia! Victoria was kindly offering to give away a copy of each book to a commenter on the relevant blog post. I have chosen the winners using a random number generator, and they are as follows:

Winner of Mr Darcy to the Rescue in Audio Format - Mary

Book cover: The Unforgettable Mr Darcy by Victoria Kincaid
Winner of The Unforgettable Mr Darcy - Lynn Bischoff

Congratulations to you! I will be in contact.

Thank you so much to Victoria for the giveaway!


  1. I think I may be one of the winners,if so,I'm delighted!!
    Thank you,Ceri and Victoria,for this fantastic giveaway!
    Looking forward to listening to this audiobook.

  2. Congratulations guys... how exciting. Enjoy!!

  3. Carole in Canada2 August 2018 at 14:59

    Congratulations and enjoy ladies!!!


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