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The Mist of Her Memory by Suzan Lauder - Blog Tour - Character Interview and Giveaway

Blog Tour - The Mist of Her Memory by Suzan Lauder
I'm welcoming Suzan Lauder back to the blog today as part of the blog tour for her latest Pride & Prejudice variation, The Mist of Her Memory. Suzan is joining us today with a character interview with Mrs Gardiner, and there's also a giveaway opportunity from Meryton Press. I'll start by sharing the blurb, and then hand over to Suzan.

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Book cover - The Mist of Her Memory by Suzan Lauder
Book Description

What happened that fateful morning in Lambton?
What brutal attacker caused such grievous, near-fatal injuries?
Does she remain in danger? Elizabeth cannot remember!

Sequestered in her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner’s London home, Elizabeth Bennet tries to recover from a devastating incident that stole her memories during their Derbyshire tour. She continues to suffer from strange, angry voices in her head and to recall events that people tell her never happened. Even those who love her refuse to believe her. Elizabeth can barely endure the confusion!

Fitzwilliam Darcy is desperate for any hint of his beloved’s well-being, yet he lacks the information he seeks as her family forbids him contact with Elizabeth. His frustration mounts when he learns that her mental impairment incited taunting and torment in her home village of Meryton.

Which of Elizabeth’s recollections bear the closest resemblance to the truth? And what is the result of her sister Lydia’s elopement with Mr. Wickham? How is Mr. Darcy to rekindle his romance with Elizabeth when her aunt and uncle strictly shield her from him?

Prepare to grip the edge of your seat during this original romantic tale of suspense and mystery, another Pride and Prejudice variation by bestselling author Suzan Lauder.

“Suzan Lauder skillfully weaves a story that submerges you into the plot and doesn’t let go. The Mist of Her Memory’s twists and turns hold a well-guarded secret that keeps you guessing until the very end.”
̶ author L. L. Diamond

Guest Post - An Interview with Mrs Gardiner, by Suzan Lauder

Mrs Madeline Gardiner
Mrs Gardiner
Author Suzan Lauder recently interviewed Mrs. Madeleine Gardiner to find out more about Elizabeth Bennet’s situation in the romantic suspense novel The Mist of Her Memory.

SL: There are certainly a lot of small children about, and you are expecting another.

MG: My husband and I like children and are especially blessed.

SL: Tell me a little bit about the book’s title. Why The Mist of Her Memory?

MG: While we were on our trip to Derbyshire in the year 1812, Lizzy was to go for a walk around Lambton with my husband and me one morning. However, she was waylaid when the post came with a letter from her sister Jane. She wanted to read it straightaway. We walked out without her, and when we returned, she was in a terrible state. Somehow, she happened to have a terrible fall, and hit her head. The concussion made her insensible for three days and she lost her memory.

SL: Oh, dear. All of her memory?

MG: She forgot most of what happened the day she obtained her injuries, and a great deal of her past up to that point.

SL: Since I’ve had experience with short-term amnesia, I know that’s dreadful. And now she’s living with you?

MG: Yes, because she was not safe at Longbourn.

SL: Why not? Did her family not understand her injury?

MG: They cared for her well and she should have been safe with her family. But it was the Meryton neighbourhood that was the problem They did not like the things she said when her memories returned and were cruel.

SL: And she is safe in London?

MG: We keep her safe. She is not allowed out of doors except for a short escorted walk most days, and we do not allow her any callers.

SL: In other words, you’ve isolated her from the rest of the world.

MG: I suppose you could say so.

SL: Elizabeth Bennet is known by her fans as a gregarious person with a lighthearted personality. Do you not think it is unfair to keep her sequestered in your home?

MG: But it is for her own good. We are protecting her, you see.

SL: Protecting her from what? That she may fall again? Why not wrap her in cotton wool?

MG: It is not like that. We do not expect her to fall in such a way again.

SL: Then what are you doing, keeping her in your house? She may as well be in a Charlotte Brontë
novel instead of a Jane Austen novel, except you will be driving her mad from the isolation.

MG: Excuse me?

SL: Never mind. As I asked before, what are you protecting her from?

MG: Well, we do want to shelter her fragile mind.

SL: Do you mean she still can’t remember anything? Doesn’t that upset her?

MG: Not really. She is recovering as well as can be expected and has a good attitude towards her recollections thus far, which are extensive compared to what she knew a few months ago. However, we also wish to keep her from the person who attacked her. You see, at first we thought she fell by accident, but the truth was soon revealed: someone threw her to the floor in violence.

SL: Who would do such a dreadful thing?

MG: We have our suspicions, because we found him in the room with her after her accident. Right now, we are determined to keep my niece safe. Safer than she could be elsewhere. Few people know exactly where Lizzy is located, thus, she is protected from the world around us.

SL: And you think that the way you are accomplishing this is fair?

MG: It must be, until she can remember the incident. Until we know exactly who hurt her, we must hide her. It is in her best interests. Can you not understand?

SL: I understand very well, because I have the spreadsheets that show the exact way that the reader will have all these details revealed to them, and there are no straight lines.

MG: Then you agree with Mr. Gardiner and me?

SL: Perhaps for now. I thank you for your frankness in this interview, Mrs. Gardiner. Good day.

MG: Good day.

SL: I would like to thank Ceri for hosting this blog post and Claudine for organizing the blog tour.

MG: They are dears.

SL: They are!

* * *
About the Author

Author Suzan Lauder
A lover of Jane Austen, Regency period research and costuming, cycling, yoga, blogging, and independent travel, cat mom Suzan Lauder is seldom idle.

Her first effort at a suspense novel, The Mist of her Memory is the fifth time Lauder has been published by Meryton Press. Her earlier works include a mature Regency romance with a mystery twist, Alias Thomas Bennet; a modern short romance Delivery Boy in the holiday anthology Then Comes Winter, the dramatic tension-filled Regency romance Letter from Ramsgate, and the Regency romantic comedy, A Most Handsome Gentleman.

She and Mr. Suze and two rescue cats split their time between a loft condo overlooking the Salish Sea and a 150 year old Spanish colonial home near the sea in Mexico.

Suzan’s lively prose is also available to her readers on her blog, road trips with the redhead, on her facebook author page, on Twitter @suzanlauder, and on Instagram as Suzan Lauder. She is a lifetime member of JASNA.

Book Cover - The Mist of Her Memory by Suzan Lauder
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Giveaway Time!

Meryton Press is offering eight eBooks copies of The Mist of Her Memory. The giveaway runs until midnight, May 19, 2019.

Readers may enter the drawing by tweeting once a day and daily commenting on a blog post or a review that has a giveaway attached for the tour. Entrants must provide the name of the blog where they commented. If an entrant does not do so, that entry will be disqualified.

One winner per contest. Each winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter and the giveaway is international.

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  1. I expect Mrs Bennet's 'nerves' did not help the home environment for Elizabeth

    1. Indeed. In particular, when she sees Elizabeth recovering from a grievous injury. It would be too much for her to bear. Thanks, Vesper!

    2. I am a bit of a closet Mrs Bennet sympathiser and I think she would be beset by real nerves in this situation - not only seeing one of her children suffering but the worry of the long lasting impact on the others.

  2. Oh my. Home is not safe...well Mrs. Bennet Ang Lydia can try anyone's nerves. Not conducive to healing. I feel a headache coming on....I am looking forward to the book to find out who dun it. Thank you for the generous give away.

    1. It must have been quite trying to recall everything only to be faced with her mother. And Lydia...well, that's a different story. And it's in the book! Thanks to Meryton Press for the giveaway and readers for joining it!

    2. I feel a nervous spasm coming on, Deborah Ann! Need a good reading stretch for this book, I think, I wouldn't want to have to wait for another reading session to find out what happens next.

  3. Thank you for this interview! Ms. Lauder asked Mrs. Gardiner the questions that readers are certain to be thinking as they read the story. It is good to get her perspective!

    1. You are right! Thanks for the astute comment!

    2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Kelly. I thought this was such a well-written character interview, although I will admit that the highlight of it for me was when Mrs Gardiner called me a dear! :)

  4. Oh dear! This sounds frightening. I assume the someone that was with Elizabeth or who found her was Mr. Darcy? Oh-My-Goodness! I hope her memory returns. Poor Mrs. Gardiner... expecting and here this fearful situation with her niece has been brought to her home. I hope her confinement goes well. All this anxiety is not good for her. Blessings on the success of this story. Thanks Ceri for hosting and thanks to Suzan and the publisher for the generous giveaway.

    1. Nice thorough comment for us to read, J. W. I do hope you get to read this book so all your observations can be enhanced.

    2. Thanks so much for your comment Jeanne! It sounds as though you've really been thinking about this book :)

  5. It was great to get some insight on Mrs. Gardiner's feelings about the incident although I feel so badly for Elizabeth for being kept so isolated.

    1. You are a nicely empathetic person. Thanks for the comment!

    2. I feel for her too. I think memory is one of those things you take for granted. It must be very frightening to be unable to remember what has happened to you.

  6. I was not sure if I'd like this or not but after interview this is high in my tbr pile

    1. This is one of the things I love about blog tours, Bookluver, it's good to find out more about a story.

  7. Loved this story when I first read it and look forward to the final. Congratulations Suzan on your new release and best wishes!

    1. You'll like the subtle changes courtesy editor Sarah Pesce, Jen. Some of the characterizations are better now. Thanks for the well wishes.

    2. I hope you enjoy the story when you read it Jen. I'm looking forward to reading it too.

  8. I am looking forward to reading this story. Thanks for a chance to win it.

  9. Carole in Canada14 May 2019 at 14:45

    Ms. Lauder you make for a great interrogator...I mean interviewer! Elizabeth saying some cruel things? Did they not like the truth? Then there was your comment about experiencing short-term amnesia yourself? Love the fashion plate of Mrs. Gardiner! Yes, note to self...must read!

    1. I had Transient Global Amnesia about two years ago and it helped me to understand Elizabeth. I enjoyed using a fashion plate with little boys who are probably the age of Mrs. Gardiner's boys in canon. Thanks!

    2. Thanks for stopping by Carole! Such an insightful comment.

  10. I had an enjoyable time reading the character interview, Suzan. Thank you for sharing Mrs Gardiner's side of her story as I don't think it's fair for Darcy not to see his beloved. I understand why the Gardiners choose to take in Elizabeth instead of allowing her to stay in Longbourn.

    1. You are very sympathetic to the characters, so I think you'll like this book.

    2. Glad you enjoyed the interview, Luthien!

  11. Love the interview! Looking forward to reading the newest release Suzan!.

    FYI- Ceri, I was having trouble commenting on your site via my mobile device. It would not allow me to do so. I tried multiple times on various browsers, signing in and out, and still nothing. I had to use me labtop instead...

    1. Thanks, Dung. I think many people have problems on certain sites when on the phone. Sorry for the inconvenience. Glad you came back to try again on the laptop.

    2. So sorry you had problems commenting, Dung. I am not sure what the problem was. I have things set so posts older than x days need moderating, so if you comment on older posts there is a delay, not sure if that was part of the problem.

  12. I'm very interested in how the Gardiners turn out to be in this setting. Benevolent overprotection is not an attitude that suits Elizabeth's disposition. And although it seems from the above interview that Aunt G's intentions are at least benevolent, I can't help being suspicious.

    1. Suspicions abound in this book, and it's not so easy to draw conclusions at any time. I hope you get a chance to enjoy reading it, Agnes!

    2. Glad to hear you're intrigued by this story Agnes. I hope you enjoy it when you read it.

  13. Wow sounds really mysterious Suzan. I do hope Elizabeth can meet with Darcy soon. Good luck with your new release - sounds like a fabulous read. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Elaine. I hope you enjoy the story when you read it. :)


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