Friday 17 December 2021

Winners - Pemberley's Christmas Governess by Regina Jeffers, Mages and Mysteries by Victoria Kincaid and Anngela Schroeder ebook!

You may have noticed that we have had lots of authors offering giveaways lately, and I have just caught up with comments so am in a position to post winners!

Book cover: Pemberley's Christmas Governess by Regina Jeffers
Firstly, Regina Jeffers visited us with Pemberley's Christmas Governess. You can read more on that story here. Regina was kindly offering an ebook of the story to two commenters on the blog post. Regina chose the winners who were:



Jen D

Congratulations both, I will try to message you, but I am not sure I have contact details for Jen. Please can you contact me?

Book cover: Mages and Mysteries: A Fantasy Pride and Prejudice Variation by Victoria Kincaid
Next up, Victoria Kincaid visited with her magic-infused Mages and Mysteries: A Fantasy Pride and Prejudice Variation. You can learn more about the book here. Victoria was giving away an ebook of the story to one comment. I chose that person using a random number generator and it was....


Congratulations, I will be in touch with you.

Anngela Schroeder also visited with her new story, Comfort and Joy: A Pride & Prejudice Novella. Anngela was offering a giveaway of winners choice of an ebook of one of her back catalogue of stories. I chose the winner using a random number generator and that person was...


Please can you get in touch to claim your prize, I don't think I have your contact details.

Thanks to all the lovely authors who visited and everybody who commented. For those people who need to get in touch, my details can be found in the Contact Me section.


  1. Congratulations to the winners. I enjoyed this story. Hope you do also. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. Happy Holidays to others.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners. Happy Holidays in the manner in which you celebrate. Blessings.


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