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Doubt Not, Cousin by Barry S Richman - Blog Tour, Excerpt and Giveaway

Blog Tour Promo Graphic: Doubt Not, Cousin by Barry Richman
Today I’m happy to be welcoming a new visitor to the blog as the blog tour for Barry S. Richman’s book, Doubt Not, Cousin drops by. This is a Pride & Prejudice variation. Let’s look at the blurb, after which I can share a very romantic excerpt and ebook giveaway with you, courtesy of Meryton Press.

Book cover: Doubt Not, Cousin by Barry RichmanBook Description

Darkness, in many forms, must be conquered to emerge into the light and embrace one’s happily ever after.

Fitzwilliam Darcy. Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam.
Two cousins, closer than brothers.
One finds love despite his inner demons; the other resists love because of them.

Elizabeth Bennet. Kitty Bennet.
Two sisters, strengthened by adversity.
One willingly yields to love; the other pridefully misinterprets it. 

An epic saga steeped in intrigue and gift-wrapped in romance, Doubt Not, Cousin chronicles the trials and tribulations of three extraordinary families during England’s Regency era. 

… But who is the girl with the violet eyes?

Excerpt from Doubt Not, Cousin, introduced by Barry S. Richman

Thank you, Ceri for hosting me and Doubt Not, Cousin. I am excited to share what I believe is a unique variation of our beloved Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. A tale with deep background, a few new characters, and many of our known participants having larger, more active, and thus different roles 

DNC may be the first saga that actually wraps intrigue with romance. Of course, no story would be accepted if Our Dear Couple does not have their Happily Ever After. The following passage is the Netherfield Ball. FD and EB have just completed their set—EB is ever mindful of her partner’s stares and FD finally gives in and admits to his true feelings.


Book cover: Doubt Not, Cousin by Barry Richman
The set ended. Elizabeth fell deep into the dark pools of Darcy’s eyes. Her hands applauded the musicians without thought.

He stares ardently at me…ardently! I see it now. How blind I have been.

His soft baritone broke through her reverie. “Miss Elizabeth, may I…might I have a private word with you on the terrace?”

Her eyes misted, so she blinked. Her hand raised to fan herself; it fluttered on its ascent. She could not trust her throat to correctly form the words. She nodded.

She put her already raised hand on his offered arm.


The terrace doors were blocked open by a pair of potted plants. Darcy led Elizabeth to the railing. If there had been a vista to enjoy, he would have failed to notice. His focus was solely on the vision lightly touching his forearm. He turned to face her.

“Miss Elizabeth…” Darcy stopped talking as a quartet of fingers graced his lips.

“Allow me a moment, sir.”

Darcy nodded lightly, fighting every impulse to taste the tips of her digits.


Lizzy closed her eyes; she cleared her mind. Images of Mr. Darcy flashed across her memory. She studied each of his facial expressions. Discarding the disdain that had colored her previous opinions, she focused on his features with her initial impression of him—the most handsome man of her acquaintance. Inhaling deeply, her senses once again filled with his presence. Lemon, sandalwood, and something she could not name but desired more of. Yes, desire! And with that, Miss Elizabeth Bennet knew she was in love. She freed her heart and looked up. She opened her eyes and with a tender smile, gave permission to the man in front of her to proceed. To his credit, he did.


Darcy once again indulged himself by staring at his forever love. Yes. Forever. He watched her features change. Insecurity moved into a soft question. A soft question slid into a relaxed mien. A relaxed mien brought on a raised eyebrow. Darcy held himself firm although the urge to kiss her brow was nearly overwhelming. Her eyebrow lowered and she inhaled. Deeply. Her lips formed a loving, tender smile, and Darcy knew only then his everlasting soul would be paired in comfort, companionship, and…a quick hitched breath…love. He fought to keep from weeping from relief. He promised himself to honor and cherish this gift—this unique woman—the Lord had bestowed upon him. He grasped her fingers when she opened her eyes. He lowered himself to a knee. He kissed her hand. Looked up slightly. She smiled and nodded.

“Miss Elizabeth, I beg you to allow me to ask for your hand.”

An uplifted eyebrow warned Darcy he was to be teased. “Only my hand, sir? Such an acceptance would bring hardship upon us both.” She giggled.

Darcy smiled. What I would not do for this woman!

“And if I were to offer my heart? In exchange for your hand?”

Elizabeth’s eyes filled. “Yes, Mr. Darcy. But not my hand.” She cupped his cheek with her free one. “I could, and would, only accept your heart in equal trade.”

“May I be so bold as to suppose your heart is as engaged as is mine?”

“You may.”

“May I declare my love for you. All of you.”

“You may.”

“May I…”

Darcy stopped speaking as her mouth covered his, but briefly. Darcy blinked. He stood.

“Mr. Darcy, had I known a proposal from you would have fractured your silent veneer, I may have urged such from you weeks ago. She smiled.

“Darcy,” he replied.


“We are betrothed. I am Darcy to you. Today, tomorrow, and forevermore.”


Lizzy nodded. She looked up into the dark, beautiful eyes of the man with whom she had chosen to spend eternity. Enough words had been exchanged. They were bound. By their hearts. By their souls. They were bound. Sighing, she concluded the proposal for him.

“I love you, Darcy,” she whispered.

Author Barry S Richman
Author Bio

Barry S. Richman is a military veteran and corporate logistics professional. While he was recuperating at home after having his wisdom teeth extracted in 2003, he picked up a copy of Pride and Prejudice and has yet to put it down.

In the past twenty years, he has read thousands of Pride and Prejudice variations. Watching him complete a book every other day, his wife of thirty years suggested he write one.

Doubt Not, Cousin is his first book.

Barry and his “Jane Bennet” live in Los Angeles and Alaçatı, a small seaside town in southwestern Turkey.

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Book cover, Doubt Not, Cousin by Barry S Richman
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Meryton Press is kindly giving away an ebook of Doubt Not, Cousin by Barry S Richman. To enter, please comment on this blog post by the end of the day worldwide on 21 July 2023.

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Thanks as ever go to Janet B Taylor for arranging the blog tour!

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Blog Tour Schedule - Doubt Not, Cousin by Barry S Richman

Blog Tour Promo Graphic - Doubt Not, Cousin by Barry S Richman
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  1. Ceri, thank you for hosting Barry and Doubt Not, Cousin. I love this excerpt, Barry! I like the voice you gave Mr. Darcy! :)

  2. Thank you, Janet. Darcy is a man, like all of us, with faults. He's just lucky he is more handsome and much, much richer than every other bloke out there!

  3. Ooh- sweet, sweet romance! Congrats!

    1. Thank you. A lovely HEA for ODC is what we all look forward to

  4. Banter in a proposal! I love it! Great work, Barry! Thanks for the guest post, Ceri!

    1. Lizzy would not be Lizzy without a hint of impertinence, even in the most romantic settings, I daresay.

  5. Lovely excerpt! I plan to follow along the blog tour and enjoy the chances to win a copy.

    1. Good luck with the raffle. Thank you for stopping by. DNC has many lovely moments as this excerpt.

  6. Heather R

    This looks like a really interesting new entrant into the genre. The humour is always appreciated - Austen didn't take herself or her characters too seriously and neither should we! Good luck with the launch.

  7. Thank you, Heather. Doubt Not, Cousin covers the gamut of emotions. Nicely, it wraps up in light humor and a bit of cheekiness. Enjoy.

  8. How delightfully romantic! Yet knowing ODC. I imagine there was a fair amount of discord leading up to this moment...

  9. You imagine correctly. Not one, but two ... yes two insults before they were able to move forward with apologies, misunderstandings, and angst. Thankfully, servants from both Longbourn and Netherfield Park saw their future HEA. Enjoy.

  10. I love this proposal, so romantic! Please don’t enter me in the giveaway as I’m currently reading this book. I’m a bit short on reading time but I’m getting there. I definitely look forward to reaching this part but at least I know who the girl with the violet eyes is. I do hope she also has a happy ending. Glynis.

  11. Hi Glynis. I promise a HEA for all of our heroes and their love interests. Our villians do get their comeuppances. Thank you for appreciating the proposal scene. My earlier drafts only had the resolution but my editors DEMANDED our readers be 'in the room' to hear ODC resolve their feelings. Enjoy!

  12. That was so sweet. I am so looking forward to this.

    1. Thank you, Colleen. I was surprised out how easily their repartee filled my screen. Lizzy allows everyone to easily exchange rapid-fire humor

  13. Timothee, I really enjoy exchanging ideas with current and potential readers. My author website allows readers to collaborate with me on my current WIP.

  14. I got an early look at this story last year before it was even finished. Now I am eager to find out everything that happens!

    1. Christina, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how the early MS robustly 'filled-out' ... enjoy!


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