Thursday 2 January 2014

2014's Reading

I am generally bad at setting to be read lists. I plan my reading and then just read whatever I fancy at the time! Last year I started to keep track of the books I'd read and what I thought of them on Goodreads, so at least I know know what I've read even if I don't know what I'm reading next.

For this year I thought I'd try and plan each month as it comes, but there are a few books that I'd like to read at some point this year.

1) Something by Jane Austen - last year I read Mansfield Park for only the second time and I liked it so much more than I had as a teen. I've reread Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion and Emma numerous times but I've only read Northanger Abbey once, and I think I may have read Sense and Sensibility perhaps twice, but not for a number of years. So I'd like to reread one of these latter two.

2) Sanditon - this was a book that Jane Austen didn't get a chance to finish. I saw a version recommended that has been finished by somebody else and the person who recommended it said that they couldn't see the join so I thought I'd see if I agree! The link to the version I have is below:

3) Some Shakespeare - a few times last year I saw references to things I'd read having elements of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" or "Much Ado About Nothing" about them and I am very hazy on these plays. If I can go and see them on stage I might do that instead, but otherwise I will try and read them, although I haven't read any Shakespeare except the texts we studied at school, so heaven knows how I'll get on!

4) Lastly, I am a big admirer of the Canadian author. L M. Montgomery, who wrote in the early part  of the 20th century I believe. I've read her Anne books, and her Emily books, plus some of the others, my favourite of which is The. Blue Castle. I picked up an omnibus of her work last year and I'd like to try one of her books I haven't read such as "Magic for Marigold" or "Jane of Lantern Hill"

For January's reading  I'll be starting off with "The Subsequent Proposal" by. Joana Starnes which I've been lucky enough to be sent for review courtesy of Leatherbound Reviews.  Happy reading!


  1. Wow 100 good luck!! I too am trying to fit in Shakespeare, I went out and bought all of his works. Although I studied some at school, there is still much I have not read. After Darcy's valet in Pamela Aidan;s trilogy kept on indirectly speaking by using Shakespearean quotes, I thought I needed to brush up. I look forward to reading your reviews.

    1. I'm on track for 100 so far, not confident I'll make it though! I am a little nervous about the Shakespeare, I've never read one outside a classroom and so I might miss out on some of the meaning. I'll have to try and find some study notes! Good luck with your Shakespeare reading too :)


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