Saturday 11 January 2014

Torn - Monica Murphy

Torn - Monica Murphy
This is the second book in the Billionaire Bachelor Club series. The couple from the first book, 'Crave' are referred to, but this is essentially a standalone book. Not believing in love, Gage Emerson has made a bet with his two friends for the sum of a million dollars. The winner is the one who falls in love last. Archer is already out of the running, which leaves only Gage and Matt as the potential winners.

The story begins with property developer Gage at a business function. He's hoping to meet a member of the Molina family, who he's hoping to buy some property from. Here he meets the alluring Marina Knight, who is part of the Molina family on her mother's side. Marina is trying desperately hard to make a success of her business, an artisan bakery she rubs with her aunt. This bakery is in the middle of the properties that Gage wants to buy so Marina is against him, despite being very attracted to him:

"I'm drawn to all that heady temptation, despite wanting to also knee him in the balls and tell him to go to hell."

Gage is also torn - he's very enticed by Marina, but his primary reason for getting to meet her was to get an in with the Molinas, plus he doesn't really want a relationship, but he finds himself getting drawn in, partly through their sexual attraction, and partly through contrariness at not having her falling at his feet:

"...when I hear a no it makes me work that much harder to turn it into a yes."

What follows is a steamy romance where we see whether they can overcome being torn between wanting each other and wanting their respective businesses to succeed. On the whole this was an enjoyable read, but I had a bit of a quibble with how fast everything goes. I thought they got physical more quickly than was plausible and then into serious relationship territory in no time at all. I'd have preferred there to be more of a build up. Also these two have a big argument which is completely justified on her side but a bit paranoid on his side which seemed a bit out of character. However, it was a nice escape for an hour or two, and I've preordered the third book, 'Savor'.

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