Thursday 22 November 2018

Winners - Twelfth-Night Cake and the Rosings Ghost by Robin Kobayashi

Book Cover: Twelfth-Night Cake & The Rosings Ghost by Robin Kobayashi
Recently we were joined by Robin Kobayashi for a guest post and giveaway from her book Twelfth-Night Cake and the Rosings Ghost. This is a book focussing on Colonel Fitzwilliam, from Pride & Prejudice, who here has a small daughter.

You can read Robin's guest post here.

Robin was kindly giving away ebooks of her story. The winners are:

Betty Madden



Sheila Majczan

I will contact those of you who I have details for immediately on publishing this post. If I don't get in touch please contact me.

Thank you so much to Robin for the giveaway. If this book has tickled your fancy this novella is available to buy now: 
• Amazon US • Amazon UK •  Barnes & Noble • Smashwords • Add to your Goodreads Shelf


  1. Congratulations everyone.

  2. Thank you and congratulations to the other winners.

  3. Congrats to all the lucky winners!

  4. Hi Ceri, I wonder if I'm too late in answering - I haven't heard from you personally although it appears I was one of the winners. Please contact me at noagnes at gmail dot com. Thank you!

    1. Hi Agnes. I think this has all been resolved now. I didn't have your email address. However I believe that Robin has sent the book to you :)


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