Tuesday 29 October 2019

Winners of Miss Price's Decision by Eliza Shearer and Jane Austen's Ghost by Jennifer Kloester

I have a double winner's post for you today :)

Book cover: Miss Price's Decision by Eliza Shearer
Recently we were joined by Eliza Shearer, who visited to tell us about her new book, Miss Price's Decision. This book takes characters from more than one Austen novel, but the main character in the story is Susan Price, sister of Fanny Price from Mansfield Park. You can read Eliza's guest post and excerpt here. Eliza was giving away an ebook of Miss Price's Decision to a commenter on the post. The winner was chosen at random, and that person was....


Congratulations, I will drop you an email.

Book cover: Jane Austen's Ghost by Jennifer Kloester
We were also joined by author Jennifer Kloester. She has written a book with Jane Austen as a character - or if not as a character, as a spirit. Jane Austen's Ghost is a modern day story perfect for this time of year. Jennifer brought us a really informative guest post about the Prince Regent's librarian, James Stanier Clarke, and an ebook giveaway of Jane Austen's Ghost. Again the winner was chosen at random and that person was...


Congratulations to you! I will email you too.

Thanks to everybody who visited the blog posts and commented, and of course thank you to our authors and publishers for the giveaways.

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